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Everyday Well Being

In specific, implementation of rules in the personal sector must be taken as a coverage opportunity to enhance the delivery of health care. Systematic measurements of people’s bodily attributes and data of their behaviour came into their own with the Enlightenment and the event of statistics. For the most half, they had been used to know and control populations, organising them into classes and seeking out the sick, the different and the “inferior” in order to segregate, encourage or punish them. What is striking about the current quantification of the self is the inward-looking individualism of its standardised scrutiny. “On Saturday the sonographer was measuring…my ankles and knees and hips and shoulders and elbows, assessing what's the age of my tendons and ligaments,” he says. It is part of a mission to have all 70-plus organs of his body measured in exhaustive element so he can see whether, and to what extent, his wholesome lifestyle is rejuvenating them. The royal — who